How do the influencers do that? HINT: They Don't...

In the current landscape, where platforms constantly change algorithms and the online creator community is booming, getting noticed is a real challenge. Influencers like Gary Vee, backed by a team of 40, and Alex Hormozi, who invests over 70k in content creation, recommend posting more than 3 times a day just to make a mark. The good news? We can help you tackle this.

But let's be real, it's no walk in the park. Especially for Creators and Business Owners like you hustling hard.

Now, you know the power of content, but crafting killer stuff for YouTube, podcasts, blogs, and those snazzy short-form videos – it's like a marathon. And guess what? The struggle doesn't end there.

Every platform wants something different, making repurposing a real puzzle. Then there's the techie stuff – editing, SEO wizardry, captioning – it's a whole other ball game.

All these tasks snatch away your precious time, making it a mission just to drop one piece of content, let alone the 50 - 100 posts Gary V and the crew are talking about. It's a juggling act, trying to build and grow your online biz while keeping up with the content game. The grind is real!

Hi, I'm Sandy Martinez! Creative Director of Emerald Gate Studios

I get it – balancing a business with family life is tough. I used to struggle to keep up with content too. Tried learning it all, spent a bunch on courses, but no luck.

Then one day, I reached out to a mega-successful entrepreneur who's not just a business wizard but also the mastermind behind entertaining TV, online for advice and to my surprise she sent me a voice note in which, I gained a valuable insight: She emphasized that to make a difference on social media at least the kind that I wanted to make was that, it's crucial to create a team – like a Crew, with the right tools and systems that successful creators use Instead of doing it all solo.

Once I set that up, my content game changed. Now, my posts and calendar look like this: Simple, effective, and perfect for a business owner with a family. Let me show you how!

Just record some raw content, even with your phone. The magic happens as we take care of the heavy lifting: editing, adding B-roll, titles, and captions. But wait, there's more!

We pick out highlights and quotes, turning them into additional Elements.

Then, we seamlessly handle the creation, scheduling, and publishing across all your social channels. Easy, time-saving, and hassle-free – your content journey made simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Content Turbocharge™ is ideal for you if you want to grow your audience online, build your email list, and bring more customers or clients to your business using organic traffic. If you are able to create at least one raw video a month, we'll turn each into 20 assets and 100 social posts.

.Our program works for everyone because we focus on the basics: building your audience, turning them into customers, and guiding them to advanced programs. Your success and how fast it happens depend on how impactful your solutions are.

We will create and post the full length content to your Website/Blog, YouTube channel, and Podcast (if you don't have those we can help you set them up).For the highlights and social posts, we can publish them to:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group







Google My Business

Welcome to our straightforward space! Without knowing the ins and outs of your business yet, we won't make wild promises. But here's the scoop – we're all about helping you push out a ton more content to amp up your audience, email list, and business leads.

Just about everyone we chat with (count me in!) wishes they'd started growing their YouTube channel, podcast, blog, and social media sooner. Enter the Content Turbocharge, your ticket to catching up without the hefty commitment of 20 - 40 hours every week. Let's simplify and supercharge your content game!

Yes! Awesome right? During onboarding we connect our scheduling tools to your social media accounts so we can create and schedule the posts for you. Posts get created as drafts and you are prompted to review and approve before they are published. This way you have final control over anything posted on your behalf.

We've streamlined the process for your convenience! Ready to kick off? Just scroll down to the pricing section, pick your package, and proceed to checkout. After a quick onboarding form, you'll access a calendar to schedule a call where our team will guide you through the setup.

If you prefer a planning session first, click any of the buttons on this page to book a planning session. Easy peasy!

We need your raw video 2 weeks before the desired publish date. This provides time for the initial edit and any revisions needed, then the substantial amount of elements and posts we create. Once you have multiple videos in our queue, then your content will be published weekly like clockwork.

An element here refers to a content piece. Starting from your raw video, we craft:

  • Full-length Edited Video
  • Full-length Edited Podcast
  • Full-length Edited Blog Post
  • Full-length Edited Audiogram
  • 7 - 10 sixty-second Video Highlights (vertical video with captions, TikTok/Reels style)
  • 7 - 10 image quotes

A social post represents one of the elements shared on one or more of your social media channels. Typically, the 20 elements are posted across 4 - 6 social channels, resulting in a total of 100 posts for each raw video you provide.

Under the 2 video per month plan, the edited video, elements, and posts are spaced out throughout the month.

With the 4 videos per month plan, the edited video, 20 elements, and 100 posts are distributed weekly.

No. We reserve capacity to make sure we can deliver on our commitments. If you are on the 4 videos per month plan but you only submit 3 videos that month, the remaining does not roll over to the next month, it is forfeited.

The Content Turbocharge operates on a monthly subscription basis with no obligatory commitments. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time. However, if you opt for an annual subscription, you'll enjoy two months absolutely free.

In our editing process, we eliminate mistakes and retakes, seamlessly switch between camera angles (if requested), and incorporate motion/zoom/B-roll/titles to captivate viewers. Your branding elements like logos, colors, and fonts are integrated into the videos. We perform light color correction and audio enhancement as necessary. Our service prioritizes efficiency, focusing on volume rather than intricate cinematic or movie-style editing.

Crafted to accommodate your 5 to 30-minute raw videos, The Content Turbocharge System steps in to professionally edit and transform them into 20+ assets and 100 social posts. Whether it's face-to-camera, tutorial, or interview-style videos, think of the content vibe akin to what influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Hormozi, and Vanessa Lau effortlessly create.